our little fountain
Camp fires OK

Interesting Sunshine Valley promotional video from 1984 (type Harris as PW)

Picture of the Month

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Picture for the Month of December: Thank you Jesse for this picture of winter making everyone including the dogs happy in the valley

We are posting a picture of the month here, the picture should be of something that reflects the season/month of the year,If you have taken a picture and want it here for the following month please send it along to me


Picture of Year

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. Picture of the year for 2016: Thank you Karen for this amazing picture,this is our first picture of the year


Welcome to our Sunshine Valley Website

Throughout this site you will see why we love this place so much, we used to camp and RV a lot with family and friends until we found this small camp site here in Huckleberry Village in Sunshine Valley.

Over the last 8 years we have built a small cabin and have become part of the Sunshine Valley Family.

In here you will find names of people and contractors who we trust and helped us along the way. We live in Surrey, BC, but are only 1.5 hours away from this happy place. From the campfire to the pool, we have it all up here. The whole area is surrounded by mountains and year-around activity, yet it is only 15 minutes away from Hope, BC.

Please take some time to look around and visit the links we have attached to this website.